Women should be equal to men essay

Women are actually talented in many ways.

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So, from this role show that women and men are inequality entirely. We are different, but we have a right to be treated like equals.

Women should be equal to men essay

Yes, it may be true that some men are bigger, muscular, and hostile than the average woman. Women which is not in fault sometimes will be accused on doing what they did not do. So, it shows that everything should be base on what it should be Social learning process in family, , p. Besides that, women should be treated in a parallel way with men because women are more emotional than men. From the books and online data, give two aspects of it women should be equal or not. Women pay too much attention to the rules of the society and to the cultural tendencies. Equality protects people from being discriminated against on the grounds of group membership. Although joining with men's organizations is a difficult process that involves compromise, merging with these organizations helps to land big television contracts, gives greater publicity, and brings in endorsements, advertisers and inv Abuse also happens in the workplace for women. The declaration explains the reasons for thirteen states to seek republicanism and be independent. According to the statistical data, women live about five years longer than men what proves the fact that women are healthier. Why does this happen? Applying the question to Deontology and the work of Immanuel Kant, the answer would be all people regardless of gender should be treated equally. But if the woman not only that she proves the opposite, but she also proves to be talented for the job, she cannot see any reason for women not to become a carpenter.

They live according to the Western type of life. We will write a custom essay sample on Women Should Be Treated Equally as Men or any similar topic only for you Order Now Since the pre- historic times, women have always been home-makers, while the men are considered to be the hunters, or in modern terms, the breadwinners that put the food on the table.

Men and women should have equal rights give your views for the statement

It was considered normal that women had lesser rights and occupied lower positions on the social ladder. In his essay The Subjection of Women he calls for the social and legal equality for women. Unfortunately, there is still a margin of inequality between the sexes today and so the revolution continues. Do you know that according to the statistical data, men hold most of the senior positions in our society. Women are very sensitive to the feelings of others and more emotional than men. Before that time, women were viewed as physically, as well as mentally, inferior to men. Through my experiences of high school, I learned of ethos, pathos, and logos, writing persuasive essays, rhetorical analysis essays, as well as argumentative essays. The differences between men and women have nothing to do with social equality. However, there is an assumption that women and men are still equal despite the biological and physical differences. But if the woman not only that she proves the opposite, but she also proves to be talented for the job, she cannot see any reason for women not to become a carpenter. However, Jacobson added that after thousands of years of male dominance, people now stand at the beginning of the feminine era, when women will rise to their appropriate prominence, and the entire world will recognize the harmony between man and woman.

Although, today many Arab women try to be more independent and free. The greatest achievement that they get is being a good wife of a man.

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Being equal means that men and women have equal rights and should be treated accordingly. Over the generations, women have always been confined to the perimeters of their …show more content… But even when women can get a line job, it is not likely to be "in a crucial part of the business" or the type of job that can "mark them as leaders.

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The following equality essay is not a persuasive one, and we will therefore analyze the question of inequality between men and women with much objectivity without an intention to persuade the readers that this or that point of view is right.

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Gender Equality Essay: Are Men and Women Equal?