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Reading in WC Tutorials: When working with students, we may need to discuss how they read and understood a task and a text, in order to help them develop their ideas for their writing project. Salvatori, Mariolina Rizzi and Patricia Donahue.

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The tipsheets are Word files, so they can be customized for local use. Rather, tutors reported acting as instructors on what to do or not to do when it comes to source use. Salvatori, Mariolina Rizzi and Patricia Donahue. Parlor Press, Over thirty years ago, James Sollisch argued that writing centers should embrace reading as part of writing, recommending that tutors position writers as readers of their own texts. However, especially in college classes, when tutors—as students themselves—are being instructed in reading, their focus upon content mastery may impede their recognition of the rhetorical ways in which their professors structure such knowledge. Tutors were not asked to read this scholarship prior to the workshop. In doing so, these guides achieve multiple outcomes for emphasizing reading as important to writing center work. Furthermore, because current writing center practice fails to engage student writers in thinking through their reading strategies and processes, students may fail to understand how reading and writing are connected and how their reading processes may impact the ideas they seek to communicate in their writing. The site's mission is to give students the tools and information to empower their education and career. They publish TCQ, meet yearly, sponsor an active listserv, and maintain a top website with excellent materials. Use the three prompts below to shape your answer: How does reading impact your tutorials? Writing Guides. Return to description about how something is read, how they read, how they learned to read, and their reading-writing connection Share your Background! This oversight occurred early in the training, which started with a common activity—a quick-write—that tutors participated in by using a shared Google doc see Appendix A for lesson plan.

In tutor preparation and in the resources we offer tutors for use during consultations, we can work on helping tutors to feel more comfortable acting as models. The workshop took place during the recurrent weekly tutor meeting that occurs on Wednesdays at 8 a.

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We gathered the best advice from multiple sources and created topical tipsheets that are ready to print and use. Tutors gain familiarity with giving reader-based comments while preparing the guides; such practice is necessary if tutors are to feel comfortable with modeling reading and responding to texts.

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Over two years, 17 instructors and 32 students from 16 different departments in writing intensive courses in which at least one writing assignment focused on local geography were video interviewed about teaching and learning, using standardized questionnaires. GrammarCheck Website with resources and blog pertaining to writing, editing, and managing Web sites. They sponsor a yearly symposium in May. Discussion—The Reading-Writing Connection: Reading and Writing as Parallel Processes: Discussion of prior literacy experiences, learning to read in their majors and in different classes 6. Editing and Proofreading Strategies Although written for students to use, this online module reviews strategies and steps teachers can move through quickly to help students prepare cleaner final drafts of papers. Thirty-two responses were recorded. In my discussion of each of the findings below, I first contextualize the data to the extant conversation and then offer analysis of how this data might be used to improve writing center preparation and practice. Responding to this oversight, I argue that we must more thoroughly incorporate reading into the work we do in the writing center, particularly through attending to the training our tutors receive. Because so much of reading instruction in the college curriculum remains implicit, tutors continue to ascribe to a myth of a good reader, and they often fail to see themselves as good readers with useful reading practices that can be applicable to their work as writing tutors. As illustrated by Lerner and Gillespie, current attention to reading in tutor preparation materials fails to introduce tutors to the rich scholarship of reading. Further, he helps students to see the reading-writing connection as all texts become possible models for their own writing, and thus, all writing necessarily emerges out of reading. Bunn lays out a practice of reading that encourages students to be aware of the rhetorical moves they encounter in all texts. The tipsheets are Word files, so they can be customized for local use. The site's mission is to give students the tools and information to empower their education and career. Another portal organizes resources in rhetoric.

They sponsor a yearly symposium in May. Longman, 2nd ed. Doing so will instate a more visibly entwined literacy process where writing and reading work together.

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Lancaster Literacy Research Centre Contains material relating to adult literacies, literate practices in the community, and academic literacies National Writing Project The National Writing Project focuses on helping teachers become writers. Includes faculty portfolio, syllabi, video interviews, and learning outcomes. Indiana U of Pennsylvania, PhD dissertation. Its primary mission "is to improve the teaching of writing and improve learning in the nation's schools. Writing Guides. Utah State UP, Helmers, Marguerite, editor. While the survey results indicate that tutors generally hold a positive view towards reading, the uncertainty over how reading impacts their sessions reveals that tutors need explicit knowledge of the reading-writing connection and how to apply this knowledge in their role as consultants.
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