The three biggest issues facing high

challenges of being a teenager in the 21st century

Look for universities to take increasingly strong stands on this issue. Technology has given bullies even more avenues to torment their victims — through social networking, texting and other virtual interactions.

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Flickr user Eric Kilby 1. And it shows in their policies and their budgets.

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Environmental threats Rapid urbanization, which strains basic infrastructure, coupled with more frequent and extreme weather events linked to global climate change is exacerbating the impact of environmental threats. As we continue to stay out of a recession, we should expect to see completion rates go back up, but sustained policy at the local, state and federal levels are required to fully address the challenge. The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed last year will complicate the tasks this year. Many recent graduates are underemployed and face massive student loan debt. Check your state association website and attend your next local association meeting to find out how to get involved. Our city leaders are at the front line of innovation, working with people across the spectrum to create more inclusive, economically strong cities. The environment is very tense. Educators, however, are determined to stop vouchers from taking hold in the way charters have done. Flat federal assistance. As the number of urban super-rich grows, many cities will also see increased numbers of urban poor. Technology Technology will be increasingly used in the development and running of cities of the future. With so much information online and available for free, universities and colleges are restructuring curricula to stay current and equip students to work with emerging technologies. There are several reasons why states are struggling to keep their transportation infrastructure afloat: Increased costs of road construction and maintenance. We can be confident that universities will be present to both educate us and enlarge our minds.

Of course, colleges are very aware of this issue and doing everything in their power to provide creative financial solutions for strapped students.

A college education is considered the primary mark of a well-educated workforce. Our schools are crumbling and educators are leaving the profession in droves, unable to pay off student debt or make ends meet on stagnant salaries.

Many mayors across the country announced plans to alleviate the housing burden that exists for many, especially for seniors and veterans.

The three biggest issues facing high

As the school year continues, district leaders will need to create ESSA implementation plans, leaving schools identified for improvement with the task of building their own site-based plans.

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Five big challenges facing big cities of the future