The history of the creation of national parks

The current National Capital Parks office is a direct lineal descendant of the original office established by the first commissioners of the District of Columbia in He recommended many sites for protection.

first national park

Eleven of the National Cemeteries established under that authority were added to the National Park System in In he traveled the northern Great Plains of the United States, where he became concerned about the destruction of the Indian civilization, wildlife, and wilderness as eastern settlements spread westward.

National Park Service Created In the late s and early s, each national park and monument was independently managed, with varying degrees of success.

The immortal words of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address gave this spot a historical and patriotic association.

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This myth was successfully exploited by National Park advocates but eventually was debunked by historians. William Saunders planned Gettysburg National Cemetery.

The history of the creation of national parks

Yellowstone National Park soon played a pivotal role in the conservation of these national treasures, as it was suffering at the hands of poachers and others who stood at the ready to pillage what they could from the area.

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History of the National Park Service