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In the film, Collingwood's guernsey is used, the entire film was shot on location at Collingwood's then home ground of Victoria Park , the Collingwood theme song is used as a motif , and Collingwood players such as Peter Daicos and Rene Kink , as well as coach Tom Hafey , are featured in speaking and non-speaking roles. The Crucible: Giles Corey Character Analysis Power is also explored extensively in The Club; much of the play is based on power struggles between the characters. For example, Gerry is able to skilfully manipulate the other characters so he can accomplish his own hidden agenda. Some of the attitudes expressed, especially those concerning the commercialisation of sport, are even more relevant today as compared to when the play has been written, while others, these kinds of as tradition, are still equally relevant in the Aussie society of the s. The play was written in the mid-seventies where we were beginning to see a change in the sporting culture. When my Mum was growing up she told me how playing for a major league club was a part-time hobby, whereas these days it is a full time endeavour. Laurie discovers that the board wants to sack him arising from a long grudge held against Laurie by Jock , so Laurie inspires Geoff to start playing well. Laurie Holden — the respected and earnest coach of the club whose champion playing career was ended by injury just short of the record number of games played for the club. Each one of the characters of training course has his very own ideas in addition to attitudes towards tradition, but there are some which are more or less universal through the entire play. These attitudes are also still relevant in the s, as shown by the recent Super League fiasco.

You may also like Although many men claim they would never hit a woman plus are disgusted at those who do, the rate of domestic violence exhibits that not enough is being carried out to change true perceptions towards violence against ladies.

All of the characters are driven by aspirations of greatness — to be the best, and are happily willing to trample over others to achieve this.

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These types of aggressive attitudes are realistic plus still held in typically the s. He wants to get rid of Holden so that his most games coached record with the club remains unbeaten.

Tradition plays a very important part in The Club. Competitiveness is additionally an important attitude in the play — one which is contributed by all the figures, to some extent. Words:Paragraphs: 20, Pages: 4 Publication date: June 21, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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Ted the president has got the most obvious energy at the start from the play, although he gradually loses it throughout since the other characters strive in order to enhance their standing.

Laurie Holden Jack Thompson - the respected and earnest coach of the club whose champion playing career was ended by injury just short of the record number of games played for the club.

This reveals personality traits centred around individual gain, and the fact that life is dominated by this kind of behaviour is also a reflection of the society we live in.

Finally, there is this idea of professionalism.

The club david williamson

Want to go out for some Saturday night drinks? The desire for power is basically universal, and there is resentment from those who are not in power towards those who are. The power struggles and egotism evident in the play are not the only condemnations of the life and times we live in. However the two gamers, Danny the team Captain and Geoff, tend not to actually become involved in these kinds of power struggles except when they aid Laurie at the end of the play. The desire for power is simply universal, and there is resentment from those who are not in power towards those who are. Obviously, the president is an interesting character because it shows us how fans actually know nothing about playing a professional sporting match. For example, all of the characters in The Club except Ted are of the belief that it is unacceptable for a man to commit acts of physical violence against a woman. It was wrong, but we believed in it. Eyed me off, stroked my hair, asked me to take off her garter — I played the vamp for all she was worth, but then when I went round backstage she switched it all off and treated me as if I was dirt under her feet. This again demonstrates a common will to compromise institutional integrity for personal greed and gain. Jock has a finger on the pulse of everything that happens around the club and he regularly meddles when he thinks it necessary.

We have a club president who, while he loves the game, knows absolutely nothing about actually playing it, but is more than happy to throw his two-cents worth into the ring.

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