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This is made painfully clear to her when Stanley, for her birthday, gives her bus ticket back to Laurel where she is no longer welcome. In A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche is a contradictive lady with very complicated character, which is illustrated from the aspects of sexual desire, fantasy for bright future, and hypocrisy and pretension.

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The rape victim is most often portrayed as the maiden in distress. One of the few given this opportunity was Tennessee Williams. The director was Elia Why does Blanche try to escape the reality? However, this to Stella is another curious form of sexual enticement and she even confesses to that much. Blanche tries to live a life of both desire and decorum Riddel 17 , thus driving her to insanity Old and new, weak and aggressive, intellect and brute force: Blanche and Stanley. I want magic? On the lighter side, let's think about another character trait of Stanley's caring side. He opens it and finds a lot of things that a poor girl shouldn't have, so he's probably thinking that Blanche is just using Stella for the money and that Blanche is not sharing the money with her sister. Both sisters were raised on the plantation, Belle Reve in Laurel, Mississippi, and their primary goal in life, paralleled with Southern tradition, was to seek the security of marriage. In this invasion of the female body, the woman is uniquely vulnerable to masculine attack, frequently for purposes of domination, not for sexual release. This again makes Blanche a victim, as she is shunned by her only remaining family, and cast aside. Blanche is a victim to this scheme of double standards, as her promiscuity is heavily frowned upon by the characters in the novel, much as it would have been within the timeframe in which the novel was set.

A streetcar named desire Discuss the view that a Streetcar Named Desire is a play concerned with the conflict between the values of the old world, and the new, and that this conflict is expressed through the battle between Stanley and Blanche The play A streetcar named Desire was written by Tennessee It may be women over man, man over women, or in what the true definition of a marriage is an equal partnership.

While Stella is at the hospital giving birth totheir first child, Stanley brutally rapes Blanche.

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When his wife does not do as he says he hits her, they fight, and then there is the post-fighting lovemaking which intends to patch all mistakes. Williams brings to the attention of the audience that Blanche has psychological issues; therefore, she cannot decipher between fact and fiction, or is it her choice to deny reality.

Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi but with a different name. What ideas of gender issues does Tennessee Williams try to convey to the reader? Is our emotional appeal to like a person enough for us to look past deliberate cruelty?

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The conflict, therefore, is bigger than Stanley vs. Every actor in the film made his or her own brilliant performance. She is attracted to Mitch who appears gentlemanly, and she envisions capturing him by being a perfect Southern belle, whilst hiding her promiscuous past.

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