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Easy to do an exothermic reaction with yeast for a fun potions STEM project and activity! My investigation revealed links to resources that are no longer available.

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A few projects prompted a classroom conversation about information available on the internet personal communication, April 30, It could take them awhile. Not every state endorses a particular set of technology standards. This latter is accomplished owing to a partnership with the KidzSearch Wiki.

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On a positive note, individual schools and districts have empowered their educators to take a leadership role in developing resources for research-based projects. They describe the physical attributes of their dinosaur, tell what it ate, and where it lived. Or use a of anything! Take the cup tower challenge for a fun combo of math and engineering! Also these are so easy to change up for holidays and seasons! Write about it's habitat and anatomy. Turn it into a fruit salad. I will link to the specific kits we have used below that you might find helpful for building your STEM projects workspace, tinker space, or maker space. However, the Florida Department of Education FDE, Instructional Technology, does not officially endorse a particular set of tech standards for teaching with technology. But what about a box top with straws?

I also found some schools that posted passwords and usernames to subscription-based sources directly on their library pages, while others clearly stated to request those from the librarian or classroom teacher.

Take the cup tower challenge for a fun combo of math and engineering! A table is provided at the test site to interpret results. See our latest winner here or check out a younger kids version here. SweetSearcha product of Dulcinea Media, contains over 35, websites that have been evaluated and approved by a staff of research experts, librarians, and teachers Learn More section.

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Each file also has a bibliography form that students can fill out at the end of each project, as well as a rubric to help teachers with grading. Standards and More Tools Every good project is not only tied to a unit of study, but also to standards.

Be an architect for the day with this unique STEM project for kids.

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You can even try a simple paper bridge challenge outlined here.

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Research Topics for Kids