History of pharmacy ppt

Magna carta of pharmacy

It was the first book of drug standards from a professional source to have achieved a nation's acceptance. Theophrastus — Father of Botany His observations about the medicinal qualities of herbs have proven uncannily accurate. New therapies for cancer, anemia, and hepatitis are being introduced. The Shaker label was recognized for reliability and quality for more than a century. In his hands he holds a branch of belladonna. The began thinking logically about disease rather than believing spiritual explanations. Three major advances in pharmacy occurred at this time: 1. Pharmacy in ancient Egypt was conducted by two or more echelons: gatherers and preparers of drugs, and "chiefs of fabrication," or head pharmacists. With the increasing availability of powerful drugs, their regulation became more important than ever.

They preserved much of the Greco-Roman wisdom, added to it, developing with the aid of their natural resources syrups, confections, conserves, distilled waters and alcoholic liquids. It developed first in Germany, then in England and in France. PowerPoint Presentation: 3.

Still worshiped by native Chinese drug guilds as their patron god, Shen Nung conceivably examined many herbs, barks, and roots brought in from the fields, swamps, and woods that are still recognized in Pharmacy today.

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Pharmacognosy - The study of physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs as well as drugs from natural sources.

Prescott had the satisfaction of seeing his once revolutionary innovations generally adopted by pharmaceutical faculties. Plant drugs varied widely in active alkaloidal and glucosidal content. However, it was not until about A.

Standardization, biologically prepared products, complex chemical synthesis, and increased use of parenteral medications were all part of this period. Utilizing latest technical advances from every branch of science, manufacturing Pharmacy economically develops and produces the latest and greatest in drugs in immense quantities, so that everywhere physicians may prescribe them and pharmacists dispense them for the benefit of all mankind.

Edward R. Practitioners of healing of this era about B. Before the Dawn of History In earliest times, medicine was based in magic and religion.

History of pharmacy profession

Their twin careers were cut short in the year by martyrdom. Begun about , and commercially important by , the medicinal herb industry grew, hit its peak in the 's, then waned at the close of the century. Sixty-eight pharmacists signed the Constitution of the first pharmaceutical association in the United States; American Pharmacy's first educational institution, bearing the same name, opened November 9. They also had different drug forms which are now used: Syrups, Conserves, Confections and juleps. However, it was the chemical synthesis of antipyrine in that gave impetus and inspiration for intensive search for therapeutically useful compounds. In order to study materia medica, Dioscorides accompanied the Roman armies throughout the known world. Conti… PowerPoint Presentation: The Food and Drug Administration FDA Monitors drugs before a drug is marketed in the United States Also monitors after the drug is approved for sale to the public for any adverse effects — called Post Marketing Surveillance Recalls drugs if they have proven dangerous within public safety PowerPoint Presentation: Pharmacy Today and Tomorrow Pharmacy, with its heritage of 50 centuries of service to mankind, has come to be recognized as of the great professions. Manuscripts from many islands were translated or copied for monastery libraries. But when the groups met for the first time, at the Second International Congress of Pharmacy in Paris, France, August 21 to 24, , there was a great divergence of opinion on the subject of compulsory limitation of pharmacies.

Pharmacists began to take a more hands on role in dispensing medications and patient education. New therapies for cancer, anemia, and hepatitis are being introduced.

History of pharmacy ppt
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Pharmacy History