Garfield writing attitude survey pdf

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Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. While motivation, the object of this study, is of potential interest in both theoretical orientations, it has almost exclusively been studied through a cognitive and quantitative lens. For the analysis involving gender see Fig.

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Raters were asked to read each composition to obtain a general impression of writing quality. As shown in Table 3, model 1 provided a good description of the data.

Ruddell, M. This may be especially important for boys and children from economically poor families, as they are at greater risk for writing difficulties Graham, We hypothesized that if writing and reading attitudes are separable constructs, then the factor analyses would yield two factors: one composed of writing items and the other composed of parallel reading items.

Garfield writing attitude survey pdf

Journal of School Psychology, 30, — Educational Psychology Review, 10, — These students were recruited to participate through a letter sent to all parents of children in the district who were entering first grade or third grade in the coming fall. During the last decade, how- ever, there has been an increased interest in the role of motivation in writing. This did not happen in the current study. Their respective eigenvalues were 8. Based on a scree plot of eigenvalues, a three-factor solution was rotated by using the direct oblique solution because we expected the resulting factors would be correlated. New York: Guilford Press. Integrating low-level skills and high- level skills in treatment protocols for writing disabilities. Neither of the other two models, the one speci- fying a direct path from writing achievement to writing attitude model 2 or the one spec- ifying bi-directional paths between the two latent constructs model 3 , converged within iterations, the maximum number of iterations that EQS allows. Procedures Each child completed a survey with items assessing their attitudes towards writing and reading. This model had a direct path from writing attitude to writing achievement.
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