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Banks that have a relatively higher loan-to-assets ratio derive more of their income from loans and investments, while banks with lower levels of loans-to-assets ratios derive a relatively larger portion of their total incomes from more-diversified, noninterest-earning sources, such as asset management or trading.

Percentage Change in Total Expenditure The State Bank Group, with over 16, branches provides a wide range of banking products through its vast network of branches in India and overseas, including products aimed at Non-Resident Indians NRIs.

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The table also shows that the annual growth rate of profit in SBI was highest in the year and was negative The State Bank of India's is largest bank, with approximately 9, branches in India and 54 international offices. Some of these are mentioned here under so that the findings of the study may be understood in a proper perspective.

Percentage Change in Total Income 9.

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In analyzing retail banks, investors consider profitability measures that provide performance evaluations considered most applicable to the banking industry.

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