Final journal for ojt

There are point we just begin to watch movies or play. I love it when we assist and are given the chance to stay and listen to seminars and gain a lot of knowledge which I never expected to encounter.

Kasama ang ilang mga boss ng ibat ibang department at employees, naglaro din kami. The old machine had really unpleasant quality and I have proven it since I had already use it during this day. LJ was a type of a monster boss.

Internship daily journal sample

I photocopy the check vouchers of Maam Karla and the tial balance of Maam Sitti. We learned that each library have there own criteria that serves as guide for the said process. We focused on indexing newspapers. Fulfilling my tasks everyday gives me that feeling of accomplishment that I can do things well. It was just the same filing of papers and running errands. I did the same thing filing of check vouchers and photocopy again. I find the check vouchers Maam Karla looking for. In work, you have to adjust on the way people treat you since there is a level of positions which you have to follow. May 7, Dear dairy, I photocopy and file Cabulig documents. There are a lot of things we learned during OJT days, but the most important thing of all is learning how to deal with work using your skills and knowledge and not neglecting the attitude you must possess.

Typing records filed in one big box using a typewriter. Week 4 The manual work has began to drain me, even the others.

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Whenever there is a transaction to be done which involves manual works that makes it complicated and difficult, I understand and appreciate more and more the true significance of my course and field of work. These documents will be submitted to Manila. April 22, Dear diary, I am energized to finish the general ledger accounts because I have to post the subsidiary ledger accounts.

We need to be patient and understanding but always act professionally all the time. I create a check voucher using the computer and I find it little frightening and fun because what if I put it erroneously but still I double check the check vouchers to avoid such errors.

Usually, the objectives of weeding are to keep the book collection responsive and up-todate, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the library book collection in terms of patrons needs and to ensure that the information needs of the people using the book collection are met in timely and economical manner.

Yung research nya about Online Medical Records ang na-present nya. We learned that each library have there own criteria that serves as guide for the said process.

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Final Ojt Report