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Paintings, such as Trinity were considered to be"… the first accurately perspective painting in the Western tradition" which "…:introduced the relationship between linear perspective and subject matter in art" What Is Perspective?

The country Production is approximately 9. This led to a radical interrogation of norms and values; for example the view that reality was fixed and static was put into doubt by modern physics and science. In some cases, this handicap can be remedied by simple workarounds, which could have been discovered by any reasonably resourceful seventeenth-century painter.

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He wrote: Close all shutters and doors until no light enters the camera except through the lens, and opposite hold a piece of paper, which you move forward and backward until the scene appears in the sharpest detail. Vanishing point is the point obtained by extending the edges of the objects that are parallel to each other that converge at one point.

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In the image below, the ground plane is level. Moreover, in those works where the floor occupies a prominent part of the composition, it is difficult to discern, and hence trace with necessary precision, the floor tiles, whose contours are of fundamental importance in that they allow the artist to designate the exact location of distance points.

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